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Kalamazoo Chiropractic & Rehabilitation provides Rehab Chiropractic care and sports medicine in Portage, Michigan

Do What You Love, Free From Pain


Our mission is to take you from living in pain to living your life

We find the root cause of what is holding you back and provide an individualized plan to fit your unique needs

Do not let injuries hold you back from living your best life

Injuries not only cause you pain but they take you away from doing things you love. The golf trip you were planning is out of the question, you can't push it hard in the gym. Whatever you use your fitness for, stress relief, socialization, or ways to stay healthy, we know stopping is not an option. That is where Rehab Chiropractic at Kalamazoo Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help.

Your 3 Step Process

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Get You Out Of Pain

Step 1 is always to decrease or abolish your pain as fast as possible. Pain will change your movement patterns and can cover up the root cause.

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Find The Root Cause Of Your Pain

Step 2 is finding the root cause of your pain. When you are looking for long term relief, you must know the WHY of your pain. Once we know why you are having your pain, then we will create a plan to keep you pain free.


Better than Before

Step 3 is to build strength and mobility to keep you moving well. You also get continued support from KCR and the community we have built.

Do The Things You Love

We help active adults feel and perform their best by giving them the tools they need to stay pain free. 

We believe whether you are into CrossFit, golf, or being active, you should be able to live the life you deserve free from pain killers and the fear of pain every holding you back.

At Kalamazoo Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Our Commitment Is To Your Health

We want to hear your story so we can understand your goals. This will give us the answers to find the root cause of your pain. Let us help you develop your own custom treatment plan to get you back to better than before the injury.

We want you to give you treatments that will help long term, not just something to mask your pain.

Come talk to us and get your individualized treatment plan.

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