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Tension Headaches are described as a dull, achy sensation, that typically feels like a tight band around your head. There may be tenderness around your head, neck, and shoulders. The cause of tension headaches is not known, but tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, and face along with stress can contribute to tension headaches.

Migraine pain is an intense pulsating pain from deep within your skull. The pain can last for minutes to many days. Typically seen as throbbing on one side of the head, people can also have aura’s or visual disturbance preceding migraines. Migraines are typically triggered by environmental factors such as poor sleep, exposure to chemicals, dehydration and skipped meals, or certain medications.

Headache treatment starts with a full assessment of neck and shoulder range of motion. The goal of this is to rule out any referral pain coming from the neck and shoulders. If the headache is caused by a mechanical issue or movement of joints and muscles then conservative care is typically the best approach. If the headache is not mechanical in nature, your doctor at KCR will refer you to the best doctor the help you with your pain.

How KCR can help!

At Kalamazoo Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, you will be taken through a thorough medical history and full body assessment to make sure you receive a proper diagnosis. In most cases, treatment will begin on your first visit once we decide that conservative care (i.e. without the use of surgery, drugs, or injections) is right for you.

A majority of muscle, joint, and nerve pain can be resolved quickly -within days to weeks- with a proper movement assessment and treatment strategy. If your pain changes while moving, this is typically a sign that movement can help resolve your current problems.

Dr. Kopp uses a combination of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (McKenzie Method) and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) to assess and treat both pain from headaches and the function of the neck and shoulder to make sure the headaches stay away.

Once we have found a movement or movements that decrease your symptoms and improve how your body is functioning, you are on the way to living life the way you want! If your condition is something we are unable to treat in the office, Dr. Kopp will know within the first few visits. He will then recommend the correct medical provider that can find a solution for you.

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