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Your First Visit

At your first exam your doctor will have an in depth conversation about the reason you came to see us. This conversation will include, but is not limited to, your current and past medical history, what your current and future goals are, and your current activity levels and hobbies. After this conversation, your doctor will take you through a detailed physical exam that is specific to your case. Much of this physical exam will be taking you through movements that will assess all joints and soft tissues of your body. Many times when we have unexplainable pain, there is an underlying cause that is not at the site of pain. This is why we will look not only at the current complaint, but every possible source that could be causing the painful feeling.


Dr. Kopp wants every person to know, and achieve what they are fully capable of, he not only wants to help people in his office but to also help the community through health and fitness.

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