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What Causes Pain: The Million Dollar Questions

What causes pain in the golf swing? That is the million maybe billion dollar question. If you could figure that out you would never have to work another day in your life. The truth is I do not think we will ever know what specifically is driving anyone's pain especially in the golf swing.

Pain is multifactorial which means that it is rarely ever 1 single system that is causing the pain. What I mean by this is that when assessing a patient, I am thinking about their emotional health, gut health, mobility, stability, the golf swing, areas of compression and expansion, how much golf they play, what stressors they have in their life, and almost any other body part could be causing their pain. This is a very long list, my goal is to help correct what I know how to correct, and if there is something else going on then refer them to the proper professional.

However, there is a really cool thing that happens when someone starts moving better, feeling better, and getting stronger. Since all of our systems work together, we are never treating just one thing.

Say you come in with golfers elbow, we might do some manual therapy work on the elbow and the shoulder and neck have an increase in range of motion. Or someone else may have that same golfers elbow pain, but they also have been dealing with hip pain on the other side for much longer. We treat the hip and the golfers elbow resolves.

This is the best and most frustrating part of working with humans. Every single person is different but may show the “same” symptoms. Having the ability to assess as many systems in the body as possible will help you not only feel better, but also live a healthier life.

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