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Trail Leg Loading for a Longer Drive

Most golfers know that that rotation is the key to longer drives and more consistent ball striking. Did you know that you can create fake rotation in the hips that will lead to more mishits and shorter distances?

What is False Rotation

False rotation is also known as a reverse pivot. Most amateur golfers have this to some degree, even some professionals.

This is seen when the body does not full shift over the trail leg side. In extreme cases you will actually shift towards your lead leg. This is okay when chipping and pitching because the weight needs to stay forward.

When this is done in a full swing, the body has nowhere to move when transitioning into the down swing. The tendency for most people is to fall back on the trail leg to hit the ball.

Golfers that can time this move tend to hit the ball well, however they are more likely to hit fat and thin shots.

When you load the trail leg, it allows the glute to come under load which will act as a sling shot to propel you to the lead leg.

If you want to hit longer drives and be a better ball striker you must learn to load into the trail leg. This will set you up for success in the transition to the downswing.

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