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Sports Injuries We Treat

Adhesive Capsulitis
Carpal Tunnel
Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Joint Disease
Disc Herniation
Disc Injuries
Failed Back Surgery
Frozen Shoulder
Golfers/Tennis Elbow
Hip Pain
Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Impingement syndrome
Jaw Pain
Joint Pain
Knee Pain
Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis

Low Back Pain

Muscle Spasms
Neck Pain
Overuse injuries
Pinched Nerves
Piriformis Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Post-Surgical Back Pain
Rotator Cuff Syndrome
Shin Splints
Shoulder Pain
Soft Tissue Adhesions
Spinal Stenosis
Sports Injuries
Sprains and strains
TMJ Disorder

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