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Why choose a Rehab Chiropractor vs. Traditional Chiropractor

Chiropractic, like any profession has good and bad within it. Each Chiropractor has there own methods and theories on how to get people better.

Traditional chiropractic

Traditional chiropractic relies on the adjustment and correcting the spine to get people out of pain. The issue with this is that it is a passive treatment. Someone else is applying a treatment to your body.

What if you have knee pain or shoulder pain. The spine can sometimes be contributing to your symptoms, but most of the time it requires work in other areas of the body.

Rehab chiropractor

Rehab chiropractors look for the reason why you are having the pain to begin with. This is called finding the root cause.

When we find the root cause the chances that your pain will come back is greatly reduced.

along with finding the root cause comes shorter treatment plans that have a start and end date. While working through the treatment plan you will be given exercises and movements to correct the root cause and get rid of your pain.

Having these exercises gives you tools to take care of yourself in the future if something does happen, whether it is a small flare up, or even a completely dofferent injury.

Research has shown that when you are doing the activity and the work, the long term outcomes tend to be better.

A rehab chiropractor should be the quarterback to your health. They will spend the time to learn about you with 1 on 1, hour long visits. You will have time to ask any questions about your condition or health.

Choosing a rehab chiropractor will be one of the best investments you can make in your health. They are always as committed to getting you better than before.

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